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Why I'm Done With Comedy, and Where I'm Going.

I was privileged from a young age to walk with God. To people outside my charismatic, Pentecostal circle this statement might sound weird, or prideful. I promise it is not intended like that. I am simply saying that my relationship with God has not been the norm. I grew up in church, literally. My parents and I have been on staff or served in probably every office or part of the ministry at this point.

Every Sunday service (9 & 11 AM), midweek service, conference, church camp, dance team (don't ask), prayer meeting, small group, creationism seminar, VBS, Sunday Bible school, Christian homeschool group, guest speaker, worship service, and new Year's Eve service, I went to. Everything short of snake-handling lol. This is where a lot of my material has come from, and where I get a lot of inspiration. Sorry to any of my former Pastors I have offended, I promise it has all been out of love.

When I was eight years old, I went to a private service reserved for partners of a particular ministry up in Pigeon Forge TN. There I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. This was hardly an emotional experience, my entire life was lit on fire. I do not remember leaving the service, I do not remember going home. I simply remember, starting to "wake up" and being surrounded by pure white light, that told me to stay a while longer. I woke up the next day, and my parents told me I had been praying in tongues all the several hours drive home, and was still that way when they laid me down.

Ever since then I never asked for a normal life. And I never got one. All I have ever wanted was more of that moment. As I grew up, I had many more wonderful experiences with God. I learned to hear his voice, to study his word, and follow his leading.

I made it my dream, my goal, my life's greatest desire to do something for this God who had so touched me.

I never signed up to be a comedian. This is not a complaint, I have been blessed and benefited from all the attention my content over the last five years has gotten me. Now I go to church conferences and get recognized as "that guy from those videos." To everyone who has watched, shared, and been blessed by my content, thank you.

What I mean is, I originally started making my content as a way to make my friends laugh. I celebrated my Christian upbringing in a way that came naturally to me, through making skits and videos. I had always been around cameras and media for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed every video I made and had such a fun time. I never expected them to get the traction that they did.
My dream was always to preach and do ministry. But they blew up, so I kept going, and God has used them.

God spoke to me years ago and told me I was to work for Him in the ministry. This has been confirmed again and again and has always been my goal. I have always been told by others that what I was doing was a ministry. Perhaps it was. People I look up to have told me that, but I always felt that I was called to do more than tell jokes and sell t-shirts.

I must confess, at times I felt like I forgot my original goal and calling. This is not to say that the past few years have been bad, or out of God's will. He has orchestrated my every step till now, and I know that. These past few years have been some of the most fun of my life, and I'd like to thank God for letting me do what I've done. I like to think He let me do them just to bless my life, as well as bring provision in certain seasons. He has not convicted me for the content I've made, simply reminded me of my original assignment.

In late 2020, God spoke to me clearly and directly and told me to move to my home state of Tennessee. I do not claim to be a super Christian, but I have learned enough by now to know that when God speaks, you obey. Don't waste time, don't delay, get on your way. Immediately He began to open doors, connected me with people I haven't spoken to in years, and more things than I can list here. As of writing this, I am living in an Airbnb in Cleveland, TN, until I find something more permanent. I am surrounding myself with good friends, teachers, and mentors, and people who will help me accomplish this goal.

I have always been open and honest with my very loyal following that has grown over the past six years. My personality is my personality, and it's infused in everything I do. I haven't changed, but my goals have. Going forward, my goal is to reach people with the gospel and sow the word into people's lives. I want to reach the next generation and introduce them to that same Jesus that met me when I was young. It's like fire in my bones. I cannot get away from it. It is my destiny.

When I would go to speak somewhere (pre-covid), my stand-up sets sounded like sermons and my sermons sounded like standup sets. That's just how God made me I think. It makes for entertaining and captivating services, which God can use for his glory. (If you are interested in booking me for 2021-2022, email me at realtaylorransom@gmail.com)

I'm not saying I'm done making funny videos and content, not yet anyway. I have many planned for this year. Again, I am who I am. But their goal will no longer be to increase my following, bring in money, get standup gigs, or anything other than to bring glory to God. They will bring joy, and reach people who can be ministered in other ways by me as well. I have several new projects I'm working on this year, that have a ministry focus. You'll be hearing of them soon.

I have been offered tours, book deals, tv appearances, and other things I won't bother listing. But I never felt peace about them, and that's why I never accepted them. I knew they were not God's will for my life. We truly are in one of the most important time periods of the church, and the world's history. I want to make it to Judgement day and hear "well done, my good and faithful servant."

Anything short of that would crush me. It would all be for nothing. I seek not my own gain but my Father in heavens. That's why this year I am beginning the transition into full-time ministry. It is my greatest desire.

I feel so much peace writing this, more than I've felt in years. That's how I know this is God's will.

I love you. I truly do. Your support these past few years has made so much possible for me. Going forward, we have much more fun to come. We also have a lot of work to do.

So let's get at it.

Taylor Ransom.

  • Mary Tomac on

    Thank you for all the joy and laughter you have brought into my life this past year. May you be richly rewarded for everything you’ve done for others. God bless you!

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